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Types of locations served

Blue Mountain

Mechanical                    Types of Commercial Locations Serviced

Retail Stores                                    Retail Stores have advanced heating and cooling equipment and they need to be left to                                                                  the BMM service experts. New heating and cooling installations, repairs, or                                                                                        maintenance programs for retail stores can help your business run efficiently during the                                                                    hot and cold months of the year.

                                                              • Chain Stores - Handle all of Georga and neighboring states.

                                                              • Small or Large locally owned locations with any amount of locations.

                                                              • Large Shopping Malls

                                                              • Stores individually owned at shopping malls.

                                                              • Strip Malls, Shopping Outlets, Etc...


Restaurants                                         All Restaurants need refrigeration, heating, and cooling systems to perform their day-to-                                                                day tasks. Having the latest and greatest energy-efficient technology for your restaurant                                                                   including coolers, ice, and beverage machines along with the proper ventilation and                                                                        exhaust fans will keep your guests and employees comfortable.

                                                              • Chain Restaurants

                                                              • Local Restaurants

                                                              • Bar and Grilles

                                                              • Banquet and Conference Facilities

                                                              • Fast Food

                                                              • Sit-Down Dining Restaurants

                                                              • Coffee / Bagel Shops - Locally or Chain Owned

                                                              • Sub Shops


Healthcare Facilities                          Hospitals and Health Care Facilities need proper heating and cooling systems to keep the                                                              air quality optimal. A hospital requires a proper maintenance and service program and                                                                    should be inspected often.

                                                              • Hospitals

                                                              • Rehabilitation Centers

                                                              • Doctors Offices

                                                              • Assistant Living Homes and Centers


Office Buildings                                 Office buildings come in large and small sizes. BMM can handle all-size heating and                                                                        cooling systems for corporate or private office buildings. Large boilers, furnaces, and                                                                       rooftop air handler units can be serviced and are all key elements to keeping your business                                                              running smoothly.

                                                              • Corporate Offices

                                                              • Private Offices (Small and Large Businesses)


Automobile Dealerships,                  Auto Dealer & Repair Shops need proper control of the temperature and humidity for Repair Shops & Stores                      certain applications. Heating and cooling systems play an important role when running a                                                                  body shop. Autobody repair requires the proper temperature to cure body fillers on metal                                                              and paint on primer. BMM understands the importance of these elements and can help                                                                    design a system to complement your autobody process.

                                                              • New and Used Car Dealerships

                                                              • All Repair Shops, Maintenance, and Oil Change Stops

                                                              • Specialty locations need climate control, paint booths, etc...

                                                              • Car Storage locations for climate control

                                                              • Paint Booths - Highly specialized and represent all brands of booths and burners.

                                                              • Waste Oil Boilers and Heaters are Available for installation, repair, and maintenance.


Educational                                        Large facilities are always battling the weather. Winter and summer months can take a toll                                                                on heating and cooling systems in building made of brick and cinder blocks. Air quality                                                                    systems can end up working twice as hard on an improperly insulated public school or                                                                      college. Some buildings are over 100 years old and desperately need upgrading. Rather                                                                  than repairing old heating and cooling equipment, consider budgeting for some new                                                                      energy-efficient equipment and get the overall operation cost down.

                                                              • Private or Public Schools - Elementary, Middle School and High School

                                                              • Colleges and Universities

                                                              • Trade and Vocational Schools and Training Centers

                                                              • Specialty Schools

                                                              • Computer Training Centers - We specialize in computer server rooms.


Entertainment                                    Most entertainment complexes are wide open spaces and need to be properly designed                                                                by a professional heating and cooling company. BMM can engineer a proper system or                                                                    maintain an existing one in order for the air temperature and humidity to be comfortable.                                                                There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable throughout an event which may be a                                                                    deciding factor if a guest wants to return to a future venue. BMM also has solutions for                                                                    environments that need a quiet heating and cooling system so as not to disturb the                                                                          guests. Old clunky air conditioning units can distract people from a theater when they turn                                                              on and off.

                                                              • Musical Theatres

                                                              • Movie Theatres

                                                              • Sports Complexes - Batting Cages, Golf Courses, Bowling Alleys

                                                              • Rental units for band rooms or recording studios in need of quiet air supply
                                                                 and equipment.

                                                              • Radio Stations


Public Works, Town &                       Most facilities have their own maintenance departments. Having BMM available to be your City Facilities                                      backup when your workload is too demanding is a must.

                                                              • Facility Departments for towns, cities, etc... We can be your backup in an emergency or                                                                   the main provider of services.

                                                              • Government buildings and offices


Religious Centers                              Handle all equipment at churches, from the main cooling and heating equipment (Boilers,                                                              Hot Water Heaters, Condensers, Air Handlers), Exhaust Fans, Refrigeration Equipment (Ice                                                              Machines, Coolers, Reach-in coolers or freezers)

                                                              • Churches

                                                              • Church Halls

                                                              • Temples

                                                              • Church Rectory's

                                                              • Convent Homes

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